Long-EZ in Flight  Low Drag (in cowl)
  Stainless Steel
  Exhaust Pipes
  for Canard Pushers

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Long EZ, VariEze, E-Racer, Berkut, Cozy and Velocity,
Type 321 Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes.

  • Low Drag style Stainless Steel 4-in-4-out Exhaust pipes.
  • Exhaust pipes for the Long EZ, VariEze, E-Racer, Berkut, Cozy and Velocity
  • Exhaust pipes for Lycoming 0-320, 0-235, 0-290, 0-360 or Continental 0-200.
  • New Low Drag Style (in cowl, for 6" prop extension) or the Older Berkut Style
  • New Cozy-III, Cozy-IV Low Drag 4-Stack Pipes (in cowl, for 8" prop extension)
  • New Velocity 4-Stack Pipes
  • Heat Muffs if you like.
  • Ram AirBox for Lycoming engines.

Low Drag Pipes on a VariEze w/ Continental 0-200

 NEW! Continental 0-200
  Low Drag (in cowl)
  321 Stainless Steel
  Exhaust Pipes

The Original
Ram AirBox for Lycoming engines

For the Long-EZ, E-Racer, Cozy and Velocity
(the AirBox will NOT fit the 0-200 Vari-Eze, because of the oil tank.)

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